Proactiv+ 8 Week Progress | AD

Here is my last update on my 8 week experience with Proactiv+ Deluxe Core Kit.

I was very excited when I first received this and having a routine was really nice and relaxing. It smells really good too.

However I didn't seem to gain anything from this in terms of my skin. I have had a really oily t-zone since using this and like I said in my last post it meant I stopped using all of the steps so frequently. Now my skin is nearly back to it's dry/combination state.

Spots were not a common thing for me, if I ever did get a noticeable one it was rare but it would be big. Once I started using this I would still get the occasional big one but I also got small under the skin and white heads every day around my chin and forehead.

I get that with some skin products it gets worse before it gets better, especially if it is drawing all of the bad bits out. However this product did not agree with me.

I'm still on the search for the right skin care routine.

What skin care products are your favourites?

Thanks for reading,

What's on my iPhone 6s?

I love finding new apps that  I haven't heard of before or ones that could help me out on a day to day basis, so  I hope you find a new app here that you might like.

My first app page is the essentials, and everything else that is already and permanently downloaded on the phone. 


On the sticky footer bar I put my most used apps and the ones I need quick access to.

I have a 'Health' folder which contains Water Log so I can keep track on my water intake, and MyFitnessPal which is a food diary. I also have a Music folder which contains the pre-installed music, podcasts and Spotify, which I have been loving. 

I have only recently discovered Podcasts, I've listened to all of Serial and Lore, they are two very different podcasts but both are so intriguing. 

 On the first row I have a photography folder with Layout, Facetune, Squaready, ColourStory and VSCO. VSCO used to be my favourite editing app but recently I have started using ColourStory to edit anything I upload to Instagram or Facebook.

On the second row I have my financial bits so I can do banking on the go and fun things like that. Then I have a couple of games but I don't think they are worth mentioning as I forgot I even had them.

After that I have a shopping folder. My most used apps in here are definitely Depop (online selling like eBay) and Asos. I bought the yearly shipping on Asos this year and now it my go-to online shop.

The only other apps I have that you cannot see very clearly are in my blogging folder including; Blogger, Pages, Followers+, Twitter and TagsForLikes.

My most used apps?

I love the artistic side to both Instagram and Pinterest as you can gain so much inspiration from them as well as finding websites that are helpful on any situation you can think of, I use it a lot for tips on blogging and how to blog to my best advantage.

My most useful apps?

My Budget,  now that I am an apprentice I have a tighter budget every month. This app lets me keep track of what I am spending and how much I have left. It's very similar but online banking is so helpful to keep me on budget.

What is your favourite app?

Thank you for reading,

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Release - April 2016


I don't know if you have ever heard of a Velour Liquid Lipstick, but they are meant to be amazing!

I actually managed to get my hands on 'Androgyny' when it was first released and I was so excited, but the colour did not suit me at all unfortunately.

Anyway a day or two ago Jeffree Star uploaded this sneak peek of his new launch, so yesterday at 6pm GMT I was hooked on my laptop and ready to buy Redrum. I was interested to see the secret colour but I didn't want to make the same mistake I did with Androgyny and not be able to see a swatch and decide if I wanted it or not. I don't always find the one photo on the website helpful so I like to go on Google and look at it on a variety of people.

I was on the website straight away and was able to put Redrum into my basket, I waited a few minutes for the secret colour but I couldn't see it so I just went ahead with the one.

I am so excited to get it through the post and let you know what I think of it!

Thanks for reading,

Peanut Butter & Banana Porridge

Hello again,

Making a yummy breakfast that will fill me up to lunch time is something I struggle with. I've been sticking to peanut butter and banana on toast. But then I thought, why not chuck it in a bowl of porridge?

So I did, I used 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 whole banana (sliced).

This is super yummy and I did actually stay pretty full until my lunch!

What is your favourite breakfast?

Thanks for reading,

Proactiv+ 5 Week Progress | AD


So I went past the halfway mark by a week, but here is my skin progress using the Proactiv+ Deluxe Core Kit.

My dry skin is all kept at bay (accept for occasionally on or around my nose) which is really good as it is the only on going problem that I have ever found with my skin. I have had a few spots but I would say that the amount has stayed the same for what I was normally having.

I have however started to get an oily patch on my forehead which is something that has never occurred before. As I have never had to deal with this before I am finding it a little tricky to sort out. It is also meaning that I now need to go and buy a new foundation to suit my new skin type.

I enjoy having a skin care routine however I was recently told my a makeup artist that I needed to exfoliate less so I didn't get as many oily patches. So if I'm having a lazy moment I will skip step 1 'Skin Smoothing Exfoliator' and just use water and then step 2 and 3 after that.

What skincare do you recommend?

Thanks for reading,

Top 3 Tips for New Bloggers

I just wanted to point out a few little factors that can make all the difference to a blog post, some things I wish I knew when starting up.
Social Media

Share your blog as much as you can (without spamming), to everyone and anyone. You never know who is interested in your content (unless it is a very niche audience).

Have social media links on your blog page, whether its your Facebook, instagram or twitter and have your links on those pages too. Share every blog you upload to all of your various social media pages but try to space this with other content in between.

You can make your images on your blog click through and upload to pinterest (mine came with my theme however I am sure Google can help you out), you can also add your instagram feed to your blog theme (mine is on the left coloumn). Add as many link in as you can manage.

 how many times can one person write 'social media links'?


Photographs really allow you to explore and show off your personal artistic style, which is a major factor to why I love photography so much. For me the images within a post can be a deal breaker to whether I read the post or not. 

I also find a lot of blog pages through Google. For example I will look for a make up swatch online and I will follow the images link back to the blog and voilĂ , I've followed a new blogger.

Be Active

This links back to my first point, always self promote, to start with it is key.

Follow people with similar interests and interact with them. Not only is it nice to have a more interactive space but you could always make friends along the way.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help you,