Top 3 Tips for New Bloggers

I just wanted to point out a few little factors that can make all the difference to a blog post, some things I wish I knew when starting up.
Social Media

Share your blog as much as you can (without spamming), to everyone and anyone. You never know who is interested in your content (unless it is a very niche audience).

Have social media links on your blog page, whether its your Facebook, instagram or twitter and have your links on those pages too. Share every blog you upload to all of your various social media pages but try to space this with other content in between.

You can make your images on your blog click through and upload to pinterest (mine came with my theme however I am sure Google can help you out), you can also add your instagram feed to your blog theme (mine is on the left coloumn). Add as many link in as you can manage.

 how many times can one person write 'social media links'?


Photographs really allow you to explore and show off your personal artistic style, which is a major factor to why I love photography so much. For me the images within a post can be a deal breaker to whether I read the post or not. 

I also find a lot of blog pages through Google. For example I will look for a make up swatch online and I will follow the images link back to the blog and voilĂ , I've followed a new blogger.

Be Active

This links back to my first point, always self promote, to start with it is key.

Follow people with similar interests and interact with them. Not only is it nice to have a more interactive space but you could always make friends along the way.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help you,

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