Proactiv+ 5 Week Progress | AD


So I went past the halfway mark by a week, but here is my skin progress using the Proactiv+ Deluxe Core Kit.

My dry skin is all kept at bay (accept for occasionally on or around my nose) which is really good as it is the only on going problem that I have ever found with my skin. I have had a few spots but I would say that the amount has stayed the same for what I was normally having.

I have however started to get an oily patch on my forehead which is something that has never occurred before. As I have never had to deal with this before I am finding it a little tricky to sort out. It is also meaning that I now need to go and buy a new foundation to suit my new skin type.

I enjoy having a skin care routine however I was recently told my a makeup artist that I needed to exfoliate less so I didn't get as many oily patches. So if I'm having a lazy moment I will skip step 1 'Skin Smoothing Exfoliator' and just use water and then step 2 and 3 after that.

What skincare do you recommend?

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