Right Now, I’m Excited

A lot has happened this month. My cat died, I turned 22 and I moved out. I’m sad and hung up about my cat, Tigs, but most importantly I’m excited and refreshed with every aspect of my life.

I’ve wanted to turn back to my blog for a long time and I find it hard. I know it’s an over saturated market but like everyone else, I want to be different, I am different. I just need to show you guys what I'm made of and what I'm passionate about.

I like the idea of keeping my blog as an online journal from now on. What I like, what I dislike, how I find university, the relationships I have in my life and how I’m finding adult hood (hint, hint… adulthood is confusing).

This year I had a summer holiday (although I do still work 4 times a week), I wanted to use my spare time to do all the things I don’t usually have time to do. But guess what? I have three weeks left and I don’t believe I have done any of those things. Overall, I’ve just realised that these things aren’t a priority and if I really wanted to do them so much, I would have done them by now.

The things I have done though, well I enjoyed them a lot…

I went to Cornwall with my parents and it was beautiful.

My dad and I went to Brighton Pride, we drank, we ate, but more importantly we saw Britney Spears.

 I turned 22! I went to my favourite brunch spot with my parents and nan. We did some house shopping for the new flat and devoured cake.

The following week I celebrated with my friends, we started with tapas and moved onto cocktails. My dad bought a round of absinthe and I danced outside in the warmth, it was brilliant. 

 As I previously mentioned, I moved out and it was very exciting. Even though the van broke down *extreme stress* the day went smoothly and by lunch time we were able to sit and relax and at a local spot I’m sure we will be going to more often.

 The best bit is there is more to come and I’m not ready for the fun to end. 

Speak to you all soon,