Brief #1: Hello, my name is...

The first brief for my course was called ‘Hello My Name Is…’ we needed to use an A2 board and our layout & typography skills, to introduce ourselves to the class. 

I started this brief by drawing a mind map of my interests, skills, and where I would like to see myself in the future. I decided that I wanted my piece to be portrait, working from top to bottom in chronological order. Although being in chronological order made it easier for me to read I think it made the final piece boring and obvious with what was coming next.

I sketched different ideas and layouts for this in my book, working out where to put each subject I wanted to talk about so that the piece would flow successfully.

I created my final piece for ‘Hello My Name Is…’ in CorelDRAW, as this was a software I was semi-confident in using. 

At first my final piece was very bland as it was images on a white background, so I wanted to add something (I didn't really know what). I decided on black dots to add shape, I felt at the time that these helped the piece to flow. Looking back, I feel that these dots were more distracting than anything else and  had no meaning to them.

If I were to change anything about this piece I would change the overall layout and the background. I do really enjoy the layout for the different sections however I don’t feel they fit altogether successfully.

Thanks for reading, 

Poppy xx