What's on my iPhone 6s?

I love finding new apps that  I haven't heard of before or ones that could help me out on a day to day basis, so  I hope you find a new app here that you might like.

My first app page is the essentials, and everything else that is already and permanently downloaded on the phone. 


On the sticky footer bar I put my most used apps and the ones I need quick access to.

I have a 'Health' folder which contains Water Log so I can keep track on my water intake, and MyFitnessPal which is a food diary. I also have a Music folder which contains the pre-installed music, podcasts and Spotify, which I have been loving. 

I have only recently discovered Podcasts, I've listened to all of Serial and Lore, they are two very different podcasts but both are so intriguing. 

 On the first row I have a photography folder with Layout, Facetune, Squaready, ColourStory and VSCO. VSCO used to be my favourite editing app but recently I have started using ColourStory to edit anything I upload to Instagram or Facebook.

On the second row I have my financial bits so I can do banking on the go and fun things like that. Then I have a couple of games but I don't think they are worth mentioning as I forgot I even had them.

After that I have a shopping folder. My most used apps in here are definitely Depop (online selling like eBay) and Asos. I bought the yearly shipping on Asos this year and now it my go-to online shop.

The only other apps I have that you cannot see very clearly are in my blogging folder including; Blogger, Pages, Followers+, Twitter and TagsForLikes.

My most used apps?

I love the artistic side to both Instagram and Pinterest as you can gain so much inspiration from them as well as finding websites that are helpful on any situation you can think of, I use it a lot for tips on blogging and how to blog to my best advantage.

My most useful apps?

My Budget,  now that I am an apprentice I have a tighter budget every month. This app lets me keep track of what I am spending and how much I have left. It's very similar but online banking is so helpful to keep me on budget.

What is your favourite app?

Thank you for reading,

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