Proactiv+ 8 Week Progress | AD

Here is my last update on my 8 week experience with Proactiv+ Deluxe Core Kit.

I was very excited when I first received this and having a routine was really nice and relaxing. It smells really good too.

However I didn't seem to gain anything from this in terms of my skin. I have had a really oily t-zone since using this and like I said in my last post it meant I stopped using all of the steps so frequently. Now my skin is nearly back to it's dry/combination state.

Spots were not a common thing for me, if I ever did get a noticeable one it was rare but it would be big. Once I started using this I would still get the occasional big one but I also got small under the skin and white heads every day around my chin and forehead.

I get that with some skin products it gets worse before it gets better, especially if it is drawing all of the bad bits out. However this product did not agree with me.

I'm still on the search for the right skin care routine.

What skin care products are your favourites?

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