What I've Been Up To - March 2016


This is a little early I know but it's nice to sit down at the end of the month and see what has been going on.

4th March - My Proactiv+ Skin Kit was delivered, this is one of my most exciting sponsored posts yet, I couldn't wait for it to arrive and give it a go.

6th March - Mothers day. We popped to a local American Diner for lunch and had bought gig tickets for the following week.

12th March -  Lianne La Havas Concert. Absolutely incredible, I wasn't a massive fan before but now I am fully converted. 

19th March - Our engagement party. I'm not going to ramble on as I have done a blog post about it which I will link here. All I will say is it was a lot of fun!

22nd March - My hometown is Hastings, East Sussex in the UK. If you didn't know our pier was burnt down a few years a go. Because of my job I had the privileged of going onto the pier to see the last plank being nailed in, by Suggs from Madness. To me this was a pretty big deal, I love supporting anything in my local area and the weather was absolutely perfect, which just put the cherry on the cake,

25th March - I was meant to be working at my 2nd job over the weekend (bank holiday Easter) but I luckily ended up with the majority of it off. The Friday I spent the day have a pub lunch with my parents and then putting up my new bed, these are the little things that make it feel like spring!

What was your favourite moment in March?

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Engagement Party Update


Last Saturday (19th March) we had our Engagement party. Let me just say, it was a lot of fun!

We had to be at the venue at 6 to prep but it took 30 minutes at most. We didn't stick to the funfetti theme as the venue had a great feel and atmosphere so we didn't really feel we needed it.

I didn't get many photographs, well 5 I think. It wasn't on my mind and I was having such a lovely time socialising but I will insert a few we have.

My dad made a cake which was vanilla sponge, cream cheese frosting and fruit. Highly complemented throughout the night, not only did it look gorgeous but it tasted fab!

After the party we rolled on the shots and headed to the local bar. All in all we had a great night!

I thought I'd end this post on a soppy note from my fiancé 

 Thank you again to everyone who came, I hope you had such a lovely time as we did!

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Nail Polish Collection - Spring Clean 2016


I have a rather big nail polish collection, not massive but more than one girl needs, or uses for that matter. I've just started a new job which doesn't include washing up, which means I can now enjoy the luxury of wearing nail polish on a daily basis.

I started by laying them all out in front of me. I knew which ones I love and which ones work all the time, so they went straight back into the basket. The the rest of them I left on my desk, I'd try them on see if I liked the colour and application and then wear them for a few days to see if they lasted.

It took maybe two weeks to get through them all, plus I made my mum get involved with the nail polish testing which sped things up.

These are a few that I have decided to get rid of, I'm going to offer them to friends and family (I don't just want to chuck them in the bin). It's mainly down to the colours, I am really pale so anything to dark or too pale makes me look quite ill, not many neutral colours suit my hands either. A few of them had either gone tacky (which did end up in the bin) and some of them didn't last well.

This is just a few that I am left with, I like having bright colours or sparkly colours that draw attention, nothing to bright but enough that is noticeable. 

 I've kept a few muted pinks like the Barry M Matte nail paint in Vanilla, which is one of my absolute favourite colours. But colours like this can look casual and also so classy.

I'm no expert with nail polish and I am looking to try more colours and brands. I find that with models own (for example) there are some colours I love and some I dislike down to the formula. One brand that I would highly recommend is Kiko, they are so cheap, easy to apply and last a lifetime.

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What's in my Z Palette


Being the make up hobby-ist that I am I've always kept my eye on the Z Palette, a magnetic palette to depot any pan products you have. I have bought the black Z Palette in a large, it's a really good size and still good for travelling.

I originally bought it with the intention of buying some makeup geek eye shadows that I have had my eyes on for a while. Once I had bought it and thought about what I wanted to do with it I realised that I could really downsize my collection, so if I had a eyeshadow palette where I only used two colours I would just remove those two colours and put them in my Z Palette.

This is what it looks like, a little messy I know...

The top row, starting from the left are 3 Nyx eyeshadows then the 7 round eyeshadows are from Collection palettes.

The bottom right pan is a Stila eyeshadow and the pink pan is a Soap & Glory.

Then on the right I have a Sleek blush and Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

This is great for staying away as it has everything I need without carrying around what would have been 6 different palettes

 I hope you enjoyed this little tour around my Z Palette!

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Proactiv+ 3 Step First Impression | AD


Today I am going to be talking about the Proactiv+ Deluxe Core Kit (now with 20 million customers worldwide), I'll be using these twice a day every day for the next 8 weeks or so.

There are 3 steps, which you need to do twice a day.

Step 1. Skin Smoothing Exfoliator - This is a really soft exfoliator, with not too many beads in it. It also doesn't foam at all so my skin feel lovely after using it (foaming products normally make my skin feel taut). 

Step 2. Pore Targeting Treatment - This is my favourite step. The product is silky smooth and sinks into my skin so so fast.

Step 3. Complexion Perfecting Hydrator - This is a lot thicker than the port treatment  so it takes a bit longer to sink in, however it is still a really nice product.

There is also a Skin Refining mask to use a few times a week but I am yet to use it.

All of them smell but it is super faint, kind of a clinical smell. I really like the packaging as well, it's very minimalistic and clean looking. They are squeezy tubes so it is easy to control the amount of product you want. Plus they are secure so great for travelling.

The three steps of the Proactiv+ system combine powerful anti-blemish treatments with effective skincare ingredients such as  glycolic acid, prebiotics, kojic acid and other nourishing botanicals. 

Proactiv+ are here to do more than fight breakouts. It is proven to deliver a more radiant glowing complexion, reduce pore size, diminish redness, improve skin tone and smooth the texture of the skin with regular use. It is effective for those who have spot-prone skin as well as those who suffer from occasional breakouts. It is paraben free, non -comedogenic, dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types. 

Before I started using these products I took a few pictures of my skin.

I have dry areas around my nose, chin and cheeks. I also have flaky parts and black heads on my nose. A few under the skin bumps on my chin and forehead. I also seem to get an oily patch on my forehead throughout the day.

So far I have been really enjoying using this and I will keep you updated along the way.

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What I've Been Up To - February 2016


I'm going to try and do one of these every month. These get a good response but also it's lovely to look back at what I've been up to.

1st February - The start of February was absolute bliss. A day of shopping, stuffing my face with food and watching movies with my fiancée. This butter chicken burger from Bill's is one of the best things I have ever tasted, plus there sweet potato fries are just to die for.

3rd February - Our engagement party invitations were designed, printed and ready to be sent out. I'm so happy with how these came out, my dad is a completely graphic savvy so made these for us!

10th February - This birthday cake screams cat lady, luckily it was for my nan who turned 70! There is nothing like celebrating with your family over food.

13th February - Night out! Brass Monkey our local club has a silent disco every month or so, they're so much fun. You all have earphones with three channels each channel being a different genre of music, silent discos are always my favourite kind of night out.

14th February - Valentines Day!
We took a trip to Ikea, how romantic. But seriously Ikea food, plus no weird tables for 2 and over priced meals. It was lovely just to spend a day together wandering about in each others company.

21st February - This ones a bit weird but some of you might understand. We have 5 cats, so the house is full and cats sleep, cats sleep a lot. So along came my dad with a crate and some nails and made the cats a bed shelf. They love it, no more angry sleepy cats.

22nd February - I took this photo on the 22nd but really I want to tell you that I started an apprenticeship on the 15th. I'm really enjoying myself and it's within the creative media category so it's right up my street.

23rd February - and yes, this one deserves a massive picture. Rob passed his driving test first time, woop woop! Then on the 28th we picked up his car.

Over all this month has been pretty good. I feel like I've been opened up into a whole creative media side of the world that I never new about, plus I am very happy for Rob.

This year is starting out pretty well, touch wood.

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