Nail Polish Collection - Spring Clean 2016


I have a rather big nail polish collection, not massive but more than one girl needs, or uses for that matter. I've just started a new job which doesn't include washing up, which means I can now enjoy the luxury of wearing nail polish on a daily basis.

I started by laying them all out in front of me. I knew which ones I love and which ones work all the time, so they went straight back into the basket. The the rest of them I left on my desk, I'd try them on see if I liked the colour and application and then wear them for a few days to see if they lasted.

It took maybe two weeks to get through them all, plus I made my mum get involved with the nail polish testing which sped things up.

These are a few that I have decided to get rid of, I'm going to offer them to friends and family (I don't just want to chuck them in the bin). It's mainly down to the colours, I am really pale so anything to dark or too pale makes me look quite ill, not many neutral colours suit my hands either. A few of them had either gone tacky (which did end up in the bin) and some of them didn't last well.

This is just a few that I am left with, I like having bright colours or sparkly colours that draw attention, nothing to bright but enough that is noticeable. 

 I've kept a few muted pinks like the Barry M Matte nail paint in Vanilla, which is one of my absolute favourite colours. But colours like this can look casual and also so classy.

I'm no expert with nail polish and I am looking to try more colours and brands. I find that with models own (for example) there are some colours I love and some I dislike down to the formula. One brand that I would highly recommend is Kiko, they are so cheap, easy to apply and last a lifetime.

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