What's in my Z Palette


Being the make up hobby-ist that I am I've always kept my eye on the Z Palette, a magnetic palette to depot any pan products you have. I have bought the black Z Palette in a large, it's a really good size and still good for travelling.

I originally bought it with the intention of buying some makeup geek eye shadows that I have had my eyes on for a while. Once I had bought it and thought about what I wanted to do with it I realised that I could really downsize my collection, so if I had a eyeshadow palette where I only used two colours I would just remove those two colours and put them in my Z Palette.

This is what it looks like, a little messy I know...

The top row, starting from the left are 3 Nyx eyeshadows then the 7 round eyeshadows are from Collection palettes.

The bottom right pan is a Stila eyeshadow and the pink pan is a Soap & Glory.

Then on the right I have a Sleek blush and Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

This is great for staying away as it has everything I need without carrying around what would have been 6 different palettes

 I hope you enjoyed this little tour around my Z Palette!

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