What's In My Handbag? Autumn 2015

today I thought I would do a pretty generic blog post because I just enjoy being a little nosey.... sometimes.

Bag - I love this bag because it's slouchy. But I never realised it would be so ridiculous to photograph. Saying that it has been my go to since I bought it a couple of months back. It's the Asos Leather Shopper Bag with Skinny Straps. When I was looking for a bag I wanted something brown. This was ideal and the fact its real leather should mean it's pretty hard wearing. 

Ted Baker Purse (black Titiana patent wallet) - Let's just say I'm in love. I've wanted a black Ted Baker purse for a while now and I could never find something that was just right.. until I saw this. A patent black purse with rose gold detail and a French bulldog print interior. I bought this on Depop for £25, what a bargain! 

Bottle of water - I try to carry a bottle with my at all times. I am really trying to keep hydrated, thus to keep my skin clear. 

Silver iPhone 6s - I got a new phone and it is so handy, the bigger screen makes a huge difference compared to my iPhone 5s. I grabbed the case in TK Maxx the day I bought it just to keep it safe, its a champagne colour on the back and black around the edges.

Diary - I have been trying to keep myself organised by buying a diary and I'm kind of getting the hang of it. Anyway this beauty is the PaperBlanks Alhoa Laulima, I love the paperblank diaries for the layout plus the little pocket at the back.

Glasses -  Boring but true. I'm blind (aka short sighted). I need these for driving mainly or watching movies.

Lip combination - I always keep my current lipstick in my bag so I can top up if need be. At the moment I've been loving the Lime Crime Velvetine in Riot with a Primark lip liner in Dark Pink.

I hope you've enjoyed todays post,
What are your bag necessities?

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