Chapped Lips - The Worse Part Of Winter

I dread winter because my lips become a sore mess. It's not pleasant and we can all experience it for different reasons.

I've spent years looking for a great lip balm and I've never come across one that has done the job. Until now... although let me warn you it's not a lip balm.

Yeah, weird right?
Well I never knew what this was until a couple of months ago, I had a scab/burn that wouldn't heal and this worked wonders over night. I grew up using Sudocreme and I find this to be a stronger version.

The instructions say that it can be used for "chapped or rough skin". I did a quick Google search and people have recommended this for chapped lips to others elsewhere, so my idea wasn't completely bonkers.

It's quite a tacky consistency but is easy to rub into the lips. It dries quickly but if you apply too much it can be a bit tacky, but it still absorbs after a while.

This works wonders.

I've never been so happy to find a product that works. My lips have never stayed soft for so long and you only need to apply a little to revive them.

Germolene retails for £2.19 and the tube makes it a great on the go product.
I cannot recommend this enough!

What is your go to lip balm?

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