My Current Blog Design - Elora


Today I just wanted to mention my new blog theme. Boy does it look pretty!

I have played around with editing, adding widgets, changing this and that on my blog from day one but it just never looked how I expected it too. It never looked finished.

Whilst online reading blogs I realised how a lot of people had bought their designs online. To be quite honest I didn't even know this was an option. I had a look around and I think Etsy really has a great selection, I spent ages looking for one that was right for me. I was looking for something sleek, that looked semi professional, which I could also add aspects of my style within it. 

I came across a shop called Best For Bloggers, it has so many beautiful designs.

I decided on a design named Elora
When choosing a design there is a link to a live demo blog, where you can open the page as if it were a real page so you can see how it works. I find this really helped me decide which one was right for me. 

The design I chose was £3.23 
Yes, I know.  So cheap. I was so happy and I personally think my blog has never looked better. I'm now happy with how it looks and I cannot wait to share my posts online.

I hope you have found this post of some use.

Thanks for reading,