Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes


I bet you've all heard about the new Real Techniques Bold Metals and like the rest of you I fell in love. Here I have the (left) 301 flat contour brush and (right) the 200 oval shadow brush.

First of all I just want to clear up my thoughts on the price. I have only ever bought high street make up brushes and was very thrown aback by the price when I first saw it. However after owning these and feeling them, I completely understand why. I also understand that from the business point of view this is their 'luxury line', not their affordable line.

The flat contour brush had mixed reviews when I had a look on YouTube but I loved the look and definition so much I just had to try it. I think this is a really good and dense brush for the contouring areas, especially for me as I only really concentrate on my cheekbones. It picks up and applies a lot of colour but it also does a good job of blending it all out too. I have used this on an every day basis since purchasing this and it makes my routine a lot quicker as I'm only using one brush for the job.

My eyes are probably my favourite part of my make up so I just had to have an eye related brush from the bold metals line. I use this to pack on a base colour or a bold colour, but it also fits well in my crease. I use this a lot and I absolutely love it, it is soft and doesn't drag on my skin.

If you're thinking of taking the plunge, do it.

Thank you for reading,


  1. I haven't picked up any of Bold Metal collection brushes. I always think about it but have never bitten the bullet and actually bought a few. I think I like the look of the flat contour brush! It's densely packed. I like it! :) Lovely review!


    1. Thank you! I was nervous to purchase any, as I heard so many people were let down. The flat contour is lovely and great to blend if you want to just use the one brush.