Halloween DIY #1 - Easy Cat Makeup


Today I wanted to try an easy go-to Halloween makeup look. A cat. It's ideal for a last minute party or if you're on a budget. I would pair this with messy hair, which I create using salt spray, back combing and maybe some dry shampoo. Plus a black outfit, or to jazz it up you could add some leopard print!

I did my base like normal then did my eyebrows roughly, it doesn't matter if they are messy. I then used loads of bronzer just to warm up my face and add some colour. For my eyes I used a liquid eyeliner, and mascara. I bought the eyeliner down in the inner corners to elongate them even further. 

The rest of the look was done with pencil eyeliner. I did a major boo boo by drawing my spots first,as I later smudged them... I'll know for next time. For my bottom lip I used a pink lipstick to add colour.

Pair it with some ears of your choice and voilĂ !  

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