Autumn Wishlist 2015

Autumn Wishlist 2015


Today I thought I would do a post I haven't done in a while which is my autumn wishlist, I love reading other peoples and also they are so fun to make!

  1. This is a bit peculiar for me. It is Benefits new-ish 'Theyr're Real! Push Up Liner' in purple. I have wanted to try colourful eyeliner for ages which started with LLYMLRS rocking a coloured eye, Then I watched a video where Hello October used a navy eyeliner to contrast her orange lip and I was in love.

    I love dark purples and cranberry shades around this time of year and seeing as I have green eyes I feel a purple liner would be perfect for me!
  2.  I have been lusting over these Topshop black dungarees for what seems like months now. They just look some comfy.
  3. I have noticed that the eyebrow makeup I've been using lately is just the drips and drabs of what I have previously chucked back into my make up draw. After asking a mua friend they mentioned the ELF eyebrow kit to me, which I have previously owned and loved. Plus it's just so cheap for only £3
  4. I was nervous to mention this product and to purchase it, all because of the Limecrime scandal. However it seems to have all died down now and also this colour just looks perfect for me. I've wanted to try a velvetine for a long time and when I came along this colour 'riot'.... well I just don't think I can resist.
  5. At this time of year all I think about is cuddling up in a blanket, fresh pjs and some comfy socks. Which brings me too pyjamas. I've been looking around for some for a while and I can't seem to find the right ones. These Chelsea Peers pyjamas are quite pricey but don't they just look dreamy?
  6. I know I know, Halloween is over. But this will never stop me from loving pumpkins; the taste, the colour, the smell. These pumpkin earrings just look perfect and cute.
  7. I understand, these pom pom keyrings are just everywhere. This is just one fad I cannot resist, I also love adding texture to items in my bag so I know what I'm searching for. I think this dark green pom pom is the perfect autumn colour.
  8. Last but not least phone cases. I have wanted to have a new case for my phone for a while now as any I have either look too childish or are falling apart. I've seen Skinndip raved about so many times and I think it might be time to take the plunge. I really love the look of the Dinosaur or Krusty Print iPhone 5 cases. So cute.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, 
bye for now!


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    1. I ordered Riot in the end, I'm waiting on the postman.. I'm so excited!x