Topshop Lip Paint Review


Today I'm going to do a review on the Topshop lip paints in the colours Tallulah and Reminisce.  These were something I saw in the sale a few months ago so though I would give them a go, the colours looked nice and they were only a couple of pounds.

I fell in love with the colour Tallulah (the red) straight away as it looked like my kind of red, yknow? Unfortunately the formula wasn't what I was looking for, the colour came out patchy and parts would dry and others wouldn't. The dofer applicator also makes such a bold colour hard to apply as any mistakes will show up. The peachy pink colour, Reminisce, wasn't much different. Although mistakes weren't as visible.

The staying power was short lived and the colour transferred onto everything. Where parts didn't dry hair or fluff would stick.

I really wanted to love these as they were so cute and the packaging was on-the-go worthy, plus I got them for super cheap. Sadly these just didn't work for me but maybe they will work for you.

Thanks for reading, 
Pops xx


  1. I love that kind of red colour too, the first one suits you so well too :) x