Haircut, Edition #1


So today I'm going to tell you all about my haircut experience, which I'm thinking of turning into a series.. kind of.

For the last few times I've had my haircut it seems to be more and more dramatic, which has led to this. I just needed to a change and to be honest my hair was so dead from bleaching and dying this has done it the world of good.

I originally found my inspiration from Doctor Who's most recent assistant, Clara (Jenna Coleman). Her hair is longer then what I ended up going for but she really pulls off a shorter cut whilst looking so feminine and cute.

When I want a new hair cut I always pop over to pinterest for ideas, I just popped in the words 'short haircut' and so on and pressed search. This is a great website without unreal expectations, unlike magazines where (lets be honest) you'll never get your hair that perfect. 

I also decided to go a little darker so I picked up the Schwarzkopf Colour Mask in the shade 400. Now this has come out a lot darker (almost black uh oh) than I expected but I'm sure I'll be able to work around that. Next time I'll probably just go for a deeper brown than my natural colour. 

Overall I am happy with how my hair has come out and at the end of the day it will grow back. I am going to keep my hair in a lot better condition than I did before because it would just break off so easily and was basically dead. I hope you've enjoyed this new type of post and I'll try to keep these up when I get my hair cut! 

Thanks for reading,
Poppy xx

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