A Nights Stay in Brighton!

Hi there!

A few weekends ago my dad booked a night away for my family and I, on Sunday the 28th of December. We stayed at Myhotel which is right near the centre of Brighton. My sister and I shared a room, then my parents were next door. We both stayed in Twin rooms.

The hotel was nice with a cool view of the street so we could people watch. It reminded my sister and I of 'My Parent's are Aliens'.

Any way this is what the place was like...

and our room...

This is what you see as soon as you enter with wardrobes on the left with food, coffee machine and a fridge in. Then on the right was the bathroom...

 Here's the sink then on the left was the toilet and behind was the shower. We don't have a shower at home so my sister and I took advantage of this!

Then this is the bed room.

There was nothing to complain about, the hotel was great and in such a nice spot.

We actually went shopping before we got here but I'm going to do a separate post on that.

After all the shopping we went back to the hotel for about an hour then headed over to Las Iguanas for dinner. It was my second time going here and I really enjoyed going there for dinner. I had calamari, chicken fajitas and then churros. Plus it was happy hour, so my dad and I tried out a couple of cocktails. 

The next day we did more shopping then we went onto the pier and took my dad on a ride. He is very afraid of heights, watching his reaction was better than the ride itself.

I hope you enjoy these life posts and thanks for reading, 

Pops xx

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