Topshop Red Lippy Look


Today I have recreated this Topshop red lip look. First I want to apologise for the bad lighting in the pictures as it was dark by the time I finished, ergh. Secondly, I have also realised I ever applied mascara for the photos but you live and learn.

To start with I did my lipstick. I went over my lips with my foundation and a beauty blender to create an even base then went over with a lip brush and this lip bullet by Topshop in rockabilly. 

The eyeshadow is very green based which isn't most flattering for me as I already have green eyes, but would definitely suit someone with brown eyes more.

I will use this photo for reference. 

I used the golden colour (top right) as a base all over the lid, it's a colour from natural collection but I don't know which colour exactly.

Then I lined my eyes all over using the green/golden colour (bottom right) which is Sumptuous Olive from Mac. I then applied this and blended, over and over again until I had the right amount of colour that I desired. I then used the blue/brown/green colour which is Club from Satin in my outer V and blended it out, 

I should have then applied a mascara, my current favourite being BADgal mascara by Benefit. 

I really like how this look came together, I just wish I had the right colour eyes to pull it off!

I hope you enjoy,
Pops xx

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