Piercings & Tattoos, Part 2


So most things are pretty much the same since my last post (here), actually maybe I have gained and lost a few things...

Piercings I have are pretty much the same. My helix, both ears and second on my ears. 
I swapped my nose piercing for a septum. Basically I had a lot of problems with my nose piercing and it would never heal, whereas I have always wanted a septum piercing but have wimped out because of the pain factor (which was complete rubbish). I went to my local piercers called Abstract Armour Tattoo and it was honestly such an easy piercing. My eyes didn't even water whereas they did when I had my nose pierced. Plus it healed soooo quickly!

Lets move on to the most exciting thing (well I think so anyway)! I am now 18 and I have got my first tattoo which reads "open your eyes! I got this tattoo at Madame Butterfly's Tattoo Parlour, which was so nice and they treated me so well (I would definitely recommend it). I decided on the font as I wanted to be able to read it from a distance, instead of the swirly stuff which can be tricky to understand. The tattoo didn't take long at all and healed so quickly, I am so happy with it.

Thanks for reading,
Pops xx 

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