Inspiring Art Print

About a month or so ago I had to edit some photographs of mine for my photography A level research. This is one of the final pieces and I really quite like it and it was so simple to edit. They are two different photographs of the same people, then I cropped out the eyes from one and edited them on top of the other. I uploaded my work onto all of my social networking sites.

A girl under the name of @msvalroids on instagram asked if she could use my work as inspiration which I was absolutely delighted for. I love art and to help, or inspire someone else makes me so happy. Her work is absolutely gorgeous so when she was done with the piece I got in contact with her. She sells her work online at Society6 under the name vanessalizeth, I quickly purchased a print.

It's absolutely lovely and seeing it in my bedroom everyday makes me smile, I got the frame from Urban Outfitters a year ago. Having something personal like this is incredible.

So thank you very much for my print, I love it to bits.

Thanks for reading,
Pops xx

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