Topshop Mini Haul

After getting paid this month I decided to take a ponder into Topshop where I very excitedly saw they had a sale.  I was lucky enough to even find something that I have been eyeing up for ages! I've been saving for a car for a while now so getting to spend my money on things like clothes is feeling a bit weird to do again....

Scrunchies have made a comeback, I remember going into Woolworths when I was little buying a blue and white gingham dress with a matching scrunchie and frilly socks. Here I am again 10 years later doing the same thing in Topshop. I wanted one that would stand out a little in my hair but that I could pair with a lot of outfits, this little scrunchie was down to £2.

The first thing was this plain tank top, it was down to £5 and will be a great essential for summer. The jewellery is some of my favourite bits, I think they make great but subtle statements especially when placed against a contrasting colour like black. The necklace was down to £5 and the earrings to £2.50.

This next piece caught me eye but in a way that made me uncertain if I could pull something off like this. Then I thought to myself, I like this shirt so I am going to get it and pull it off! I love the difference in spots to change things up a bit, I can't wait to dress this up and down! This was down to £18.

Now I left the best till last. I saw this a few months ago and immediately fell in love but at the price of £38 I couldn't justify it. Then I saw Velvetgh0st wearing it on her channel and wanted it even more.

It's quite a subtly yellow but it brings such a hint of summer to any outfit, plus the detailing on the shoulders is just gorgeous and feminine. It's such a good layer for the summer evenings when there is a cool breeze. The best part is it was down to £25. It's one of the best Topshop sales I have enjoyed yet and just to top it I get student discount on top!

Thanks for reading, 
Pops xx

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