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So today I will be posting my first ever sponsored post. Now this in no way means I will biased because I was given them, because I would never expect anyone to do that. I know as an individual I would be upset to fund out that a blog I followed was biased, and what's really the point? at the end of the day if I do like the product I do, if I don't I don't. 

Anyway I will be reviewing the Clyppi Fingernail Clippers.

The packaging it came in was nice and sturdy, but it also was easy to get into (so no need for loads of scissors to get into this product). The packaging is nice and fresh, the colour white really reminds me of clean and sanitised things and the green reminds me of fresh things so a lovely all round colour scheme.

I didn't think these would be any different to the average nail clippers, but how I was so very very wrong. They allow you an easy grip and they feel very nice and sturdy, the fact they are stainless steel also gives them a nice amount of weight so they feel quite pricey. The actual cut it makes across the nails is unbelievably smooth with no tugging or rips in the nail. There is also a small and handy nail file built into the lever, so these will be great for travelling! These are very easy to use for the opposite hand. For example I am right handed, but the Clyppi makes it easy for me to be able to cut my nails on the left hand. Not only do they work amazingly but they do look very swish.

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Pops xx

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