Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Review

I was on the hunt for a new lip balm and this one caught my eye, not only have I heard great reviews for the moisturiser but I love the smell of cocoa butter. Plus Palmer's lip balm has SPF 15, which is great if your lips burn. The packaging isn't the normal shape but is more of an oval with a winder at the bottom, I think this is a reason why I like it because it's a little unusual. I have never been so happy with a lip balm from the first use, it keeps my lips hydrated long after I've applied it and sinks in super duper quick. I have been applying this once in the morning and once before bed, unless I am out and about a bit more. This does the trick though and I don't feel like I need to constantly re apply the product. I think I've finally found my dream lip balm!

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Pops xx 

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