Piercings & Tattoos, Part 1

I've been asked a lot (mostly on Instagram) about my new nose piercing and if I have any other piercing/tattoos. So I thought I would do a post and if I ever do add to my collection I could share it with you guys.

To start with I'm 17, so unfortunately I'm still to young to get any tattoo's, but I will definitely be getting one (or more) when I turn 18. The piercings I already have are my first and second lobes (both sides) and my helix (on my left). I also have my navel and now my nose. Piercings are pretty easy to look after they just take patience. You just have to use a mixture of boiled water and rock salt applied to the area twice a day, or/and do salt soaks.

The worst experience and pain I have endured is when I first had my nose piercing done (since that I've had it re-pierced). I went to someone other than my usual piercer as I was kind of desperate to get it done last summer. The piercer ended up piercing my nose with a needle three time and then finally with a gun, she blamed this on not being able to pull the jewellery through because my nostril was too small. This was the worst experience ever, a whole lot of blood and tears. I did get a full refund, but because of all the fuss on the piercing in the first place it didn't heal properly and became infected so I removed it. The best experience were my lobes. They are so easy and I was only six but I remember the pain being minor. 

Thank you,
Poppy x

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