Rockabilly Lip Bullet

 For Christmas I was given a Lip Bullet  in the shade 'rockabilly' and I'm very impressed with this product. I bought one of the Topshop lipsticks not long ago in a similar colour called 'trigger' (which I wrote about here), as I was so impressed with that product I decided to try another. Lip bullets are really creamy lipsticks that are intense with colour, all of these pictures are with only one layer of product! They work like a lipstick, although the packaging is slightly childish and looks like a pencil I think it's cute and does the job. The lip bullet last all day all me, the only problem is that it is so creamy that it can rub off if you are eating or drinking a lot. Yet again I am happily surprised by the Topshop make up products, so I think I'll be back to try more.

Poppy xx