Go & Glow Highlighter Review

Hi! Here I have a cream highlighter from the Look beauty range, I picked this up as I want to try out some new highlight products and it was half price (£5), so I couldn't resist. It's a product where a lot goes a long way, so I'm sure this product will last me a long time. However this does mean be careful or you could end up looking way too shiny! 

It looks great on your cheekbones, temples, inner eye corner, under your brows or cupid bow. I use it to brighten up my face as I can look very dull in winter, so this will be a good all year round product. The packaging is good, very slim and a screw on lid so no leakage. The actual design is a bit basic but hey, when is minimalism not in right? I am very happy with this product and I might even re-purchase.

Thank you,
Poppy x

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