Garnier The Sleek Perfecter Oil Review

Hi there,

I've been using this Garnier ultimate blends The sleek protector oil for about two months now. I've been focusing on keeping my hair in a better condition and this has definitely helped me along the way. 

I use it after I have washed my hair, just applying 3/4 drops all through the ends and whatever is left on my hands onto the roots. I know it sounds like a lot of product but I have seriously thick hair, which is also getting pretty long now! I also use just a couple of drops if I feel my hair has become frizzy and needs a bit of taming. It definitely helps add shine too.

The packaging is just a simple tear shaped brown plastic bottle but I really like it, the pump means you can easily control the amount of product you get, plus it's great for travelling. 

This is just one new step I have added to try and start more of a hair care routine. So far this product has only exceeded my expectations and I am yet to use it for all of it purposes like for protection against heat.

What hair care products do you recommend? 

Thanks for reading, 


  1. i use the garnier silk and shine oil and i love it, i would give this one a try too

  2. this looks great,i have tried the honey one and loved it! xx