What Is The John Lewis Advert Really Advertising? #ManOnTheMoon

The Man On The Moon Advert doesn't advertise much. Not anything materialistic anyway. 

By midday on the day of release #ManOnTheMoon had already had 42,000 mentions across social media.

The song is a 2 minute acoustic cover of Oasis's "Half The World Away", performed by a 19 year old Norwegian singer Aurora Asknes. With lyrics such as "My body feels young but my mind is very old", I can't help but think this was a perfect match.

The scientific aspects of the advert may not be so technical, who needs oxygen? But this is a Christmas advert, its all about the magic. I get the impression the John Lewis advert doesn't need to shove their products in our faces. They want us to feel and not forget. Which is what I sure did!

The loneliness presented in the advert is there to move you. It's all about a gift that keeps on giving. A connection for lonely people, who need love the most. The familiarity also brings the audience closer. What stood out for me were the bright balloons which we commonly associate with children's parties, when they are delivered to the old man they so beautifully contrast against the dull moon.

An advert that is beautifully shot, emotionally binding and attached to a heart warming song is one thing I'm sure to remember.

What has your favourite John Lewis advert been?

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