My Favourite Eyebrow Products and Routine

Hi, so today I'm going to talk you through my favourite products and routine. I thought I'd combine the two and just make a longer post then maybe in the future (if I find different products I like), make two separate posts.

Here is a before and after so you can see what a difference my make up makes. I like to keep my brows as natural as I can, I don't want slugs on my face (if you know what I mean).

These are my favourite products and the brushes I like to use to apply them. The MUA Pro-Brow (£3.50) is very similar to the ELF Eyebrow Kit (£3.95). Except the MUA palette as 3 brown shades and a clear gel and the ELF kit has one colour and one brown gel. I love them both and can't decide which is my favourite, they both last all day and suit my skin tone well. I always apply the gel first (with my red Revlon brush) and then apply the appropriate colour with the black brush. I normally brush this out quite a lot with a spooly so the make up isn't caked on but more natural looking. 
I then go over with the Benefit Gimmie Brow (£17.50) or the Maybelline Brow Drama (£4.99). I never buy high end make up unless it is truly raved about so the Gimmie Brow was  treat to myself and I really am loving, it add more colour and texture then the Brow Drama. However if you are on a budget the Brow Drama is still amazing and has a great staying power. I still use both! I just add which ever I choose over the rest of my brows. I am normally left with quite a messy look so I tidy my brows up with some concealer and my look is complete.

Thank you for reading,
Pops xx


  1. What foundation do you wear? You look amazing! Need to try those brow products too, love your brows X

    1. Its the the l'oreal True Match :) Thank you x

  2. You look gorgeous!! I really love your blog, maybe we can follow each other via Bloglovin, GFC or facebook? let me know on my blog and I’ll follow you back asap. New Post… Visit Curly Glow