Back To College Essentials 2014

Back To College Essentials 2014

Hi, so I thought it was time I did something back to school related even though everyone is pretty much dreading it. These are just a few things that I know will help me get through the year...

  • Popper document wallets - I have a few of these in bright colours that I know will help me keep sheets all neat and organised (unlike I was last year).
  • Pencil case - This is an essential (especially for an art student) and it's just too cute.
  • Cute accessories - A way to any animal/food lovers heart, these super cute and colourful rubbers are a goo way to keep anyone smiling (and they are super cheap).
  • Hair ties - I absolutely love these for the one and only fact that they don't leave a bump in your hair after you've had it up for hours. I know when I'm working I can quickly become aggravated by my hair touching face, so these will be handy for sweeping those loose bits back. 
  • Concealer - This is the one make up essential I will always carry (and lip balm of course). It's handy for a lot of things, so just grab your favourite one and plop it in your bag for easy retouches. 
  • Diary - This is a major essential for anyone (I know a lot of schools give you one for free). I use mine for scheduling my days to writing in homework and they are so handy.
  • Music - This is more for the journey to or from college (as I get the bus) and this can put me in such a good mood. Sometimes we are allowed to listen to music in our lessons too. So grab your favourite upbeat songs and stick some headphones on. 
  • Water bottle - Having a water bottle is great, as well all know drinking water has so many health benefits. I'm also thinking about getting a flask to carry warm drinks or even food (such as soup) to college. 
  • The Bag - Last but not least an all important bag. I've been looking for one long before we broke up for the summer but I just couldn't find the right one. Then as the Topshop sale was ending I stumbled across this one. It should do just the trick and is a really cute colour. 
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy these type of posts.
Pops xxx

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  1. I love and want everything! All of them are definitely a must!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe