Guest Post Feat. Jenny's A/W wishlist 2014.

Hi, my names Jenny and I blog over at freyasfashionchapter. Poppy and I decided it would be fun to do a guest post on each other’s blogs! For some reason it has taken us ages to come up with an idea and actually start writing (I'm basically at home all day every day so have no excuse!) but we finally decided on doing a wish list based around all the autumn winter lines which have started to hit the shelves… despite it only being August? Not that I'm complaining, wrapping up and layering is my favourite thing and I can't wait for it to be acceptable to wear jeans everyday again!
First on my wish list is a midi cardigan. These two are from Topshop although New Look sells them too and probably for about half the price! They look so cosy and can be styled casually or not like in these pictures. For some reason I am drawn to them whenever shopping, I guess having one would just be really handy and different to chucking on a hoodie.

Another clothing item- I'm in love with these check cigarette trousers! I think the pattern is so wintery and I can imagine myself wearing these on Christmas day (too early to be talking about Christmas?) Also it’s nice to change things up a bit as I live in skinny jeans. These trousers are so fitted it’s a good compromise.

Lastly on my a/w wish list is a pretty blanket. I’m going to university in September which honestly I'm not looking forward to that much! However getting all my home décor/supplies has been fun and I think a patterned blanket will help my room feel more homely. These ones are from H&M, their range of home décor is really great and it isn't too pricey either.

Hope you liked this post!
Jenny x

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