July Wishlist 2014

July Wishlist 2014
I'm going to try and do a wishlist at the start of every month, at the moment there isn't much I would like in materialistic matters. Especially seeing as it is coming up to summer I'd rather spend my money on days out. The first three things are music, something I spend a lot of my summer listening to whilst relaxing. 

Then there are the Barry M nail varnishes. I already own one which I bought in the autumn so the summer isn't very summery, but I absolutely adore the formula. They matte ones dry super quickly and don't budge for 5 days (on me is pretty good as I wash up a lot at work). However compared to my other colour these are a lot brighter and are way more summery. 

I have then added in the l'oreal super liner. I'm on the prowl for a new eyeliner as I still haven't found 'the one'. I have heard many good things about this one though so I thought I'd give it a go. Carrying on with make up is the Bourjois Bronzing Primer. Something I have heard a lot about and I am just really intrigued.  

Last but not least the very popular Juju Jelly shoes. I have wanted to get some of these since last summer but I just never got round to it.I think they are really playful but seeing as there is a small heal they will also help define your legs, I really want to get my hands on a pair! 

Thanks for reading, 
Pops xx

Guest Post Feat. Ellie Whiting with Top 5 Summer Products

I'm Ellie, let’s talk a little about my blog (http://ellenawhiting.blogspot.co.uk/) not too much, I don’t want to bore with details. My blog features a variety of fashion/style and beauty posts, and along with these posts I include music, I hope that adds a nice little spark to them.
Anyway, onto the post. Here are my top 5 summer favourites. Hope you enjoy.

Benefit High Beam
Summer approaches and along with the sister product – Sun Beam, this highlighter seems to be raved about. I now understand why.
I purchased this product a month or so ago and it quickly ventured into having a permanent place in my daily makeup routine. I tend to swipe it under the arch of my eyebrows, along my cheekbones and then a little dab on my cupids bow and that seems to hit all the points without going overboard.  
The lightweight liquid glides on the skin super easy and with a little buffing gives you a natural looking glow that, I’m sure, most of us fancy. The highlighter is a pearlescent colour, so great for us British that aren’t blessed with sunkissed LA skin, although, if you happen to be one of those that are blessed with sunkissed skin, despite the fact I haven’t tried it personally, I’d recommend Sun Beam over High Beam, as the colour is more of a bronze, therefore probably so much more suitable for your skin tone.
This may not be the cheapest product for its size but I would say it’s worth trying.

MAC Lipstick (Shade: Retro Matte, All Fired Up)
This one was a recent duty free buy. Having a looksy in MAC at duty free is a must, and the product you purchase there always leads to become the one product you wore endlessly on that holiday.
This fuchsia matte lipstick I certainly made the most of on holiday and also have been since I got back. It’s the summer alternative to MACs Ruby Woo. The lipstick you use on a lazy outfit day to jazz it up. That’s the one great thing about the bold lipstick colours. Another great thing about this lipstick is that due to it being a matte lipstick, it lasts forever – really, it does. 

Chloe Eau De Parfum
Perfume is a difficult thing. Some people like to switch it up, some like to be that person with a signature fragrance and some like to change it up with the seasons. I think I belong in that category, I find it extremely difficult to discover a product that works for both winter and summer. Although, contradicting what I just said, until recently I would say I came under the signature fragrance category, I soon abandoned that after repeatedly sneaking a squirt of this Chloe perfume on my trips to Boots. It changed my mind.
There’s just something about this perfume, it smells so, fresh. It’s the smell you would imagine an effortlessly chic Parisian women, sitting at a cafe in the Louvre gardens for breakfast smelling of. That may sound unusual but we all desire to be like that chic woman at times.
 Enough about the connotations of the smell. Let’s talk about what it actually smells like. It contains the following scents; rose, lychee and honey. The perfect feminine twist for summer don’t you think?

In My Shoes by Tamara Mellon
With summer comes reading. Chilling at the beach with a book is always a good choice on a warm day. So here’s a book I have discovered that is fashion related and not just full of a few pages of writing like most fashion books. I may not have read this book yet but I can’t wait to start it. Written by the co-founder of Jimmy Choo, this looks like an inspiring, interesting and exciting book that explores the highs and lows of being influential in fashion.

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
We all love a summer song. If chart topping pop isn’t your idea of summer music then here is a possible alternative.

And thank you Poppy for the guest post.

Clyppi Fingernail Clippers Review | AD


So today I will be posting my first ever sponsored post. Now this in no way means I will biased because I was given them, because I would never expect anyone to do that. I know as an individual I would be upset to fund out that a blog I followed was biased, and what's really the point? at the end of the day if I do like the product I do, if I don't I don't. 

Anyway I will be reviewing the Clyppi Fingernail Clippers.

The packaging it came in was nice and sturdy, but it also was easy to get into (so no need for loads of scissors to get into this product). The packaging is nice and fresh, the colour white really reminds me of clean and sanitised things and the green reminds me of fresh things so a lovely all round colour scheme.

I didn't think these would be any different to the average nail clippers, but how I was so very very wrong. They allow you an easy grip and they feel very nice and sturdy, the fact they are stainless steel also gives them a nice amount of weight so they feel quite pricey. The actual cut it makes across the nails is unbelievably smooth with no tugging or rips in the nail. There is also a small and handy nail file built into the lever, so these will be great for travelling! These are very easy to use for the opposite hand. For example I am right handed, but the Clyppi makes it easy for me to be able to cut my nails on the left hand. Not only do they work amazingly but they do look very swish.

Thank you for reading,
Pops xx