Happy New Year and My New Year Resolutions!

Happy New Year guys and gals! I hope you all had a great start to the new year, celebrating and having loads of fun (I know I did). I wanted to talk resolutions. I have never set any, only because I never thought I would follow them through. This year is time for a change and although I have only set myself a few it's better than nothing, right? 

Always take the stairs.

This may seem silly but I really think it makes a difference. I always use to take the stairs at college and lately I've just been lazy and resort to the lift (I'm on floor 4 so that's 8 flights of stairs).  However I am determined to get my act together and take the stairs every day. 

Step out of my comfort zone. 

Whether it's adding some colour to my wardrobe or doing an activity I wouldn't normally participate in, I'm going to give it a go. I mean why not, it can only help boost my confidence so I'm going to try it out.

Learn to drive. 

Now before this sounds snobby or as though I am relying on my parents, I'm not. I turned 17 last August and I worked my butt of nearly 7 days a week all summer (and still work some days now as well as going to college) to get money together to do this and I'm proud of myself. I live in a small village in the middle of nowhere and travelling is hard. I have my first lesson on Thursday and I am so excited, whoopee! I am still working and will work just as hard this year so I can get myself a car and the oh so dreaded insurance. 

What are your new year resolutions?

Poppy xx

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