Sheinside Haul

Hey there, so I have recently heard a lot of good news about the website sheinside and wanted to check it out for myself. They had a black Friday deal on and I was in need of a new coat so I took a look and found a few bits I liked. 

I picked up this Heart Print Blouse which I really liked the colour of for Christmas and though the long sleeves would be ideal. I got it for £13.27 in the sale and I really really like it, the material is so expensive feeling. It has measurements on the websites and all though I did have a look at them unfortunately it's a bit too small.

I was originally looking for something a bit different than a parka as it's what I had last year and it's what a lot of girls I know have, so I wanted something a little different. However as you can tell, I ended up with one. They are so warm and this is lined all the way though, even on the arms. It is so thick and will definitely keep warm in the snow. I got this for £23.78 although it was originally £33.97 (you can buy this here). 

Okay, so I wasn't planning on getting two coats but I fell in love with this one. I like the fact it's shorter yet it's still as cosy. The hood however is huge, I like this and it keeps me so warm and cosy. This I grabbed for £22.54 and it was originally £27.92 (you can buy this here). 

I am so happy with all of my buys, even though (and very unfortunately) one of them doesn't fit. Just a heads up that it can take up to 15 days for it to arrive in the UK and if you do want to return an item you have to pay for the shipping yourself. I will definitely be checking out their website more often. 

Poppy x

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