WHSmith, Primark and H&M Haul.

WHSmiths; Oh Comely, £4.

WHSmiths; 20 push pins, down to £1.37.

Primark; 3 cotton rich socks, £2.50 1 pair individual £1.50 (each).

Primark; fluffy jumper £10.00

Primark; fluffy jumper £10.00.

H&M; Basic Jersey £3.99.

H&M; Basic skirt £3.99.

H&M; Pack of three (the third pair is of a cat) £3.99.
Now this layout is a bit different to my normal haul posts but I thought I would give it a go. I had a quick stock up of autumn/winter clothes, just a bundle of essentials. Except from the WHSmith buys which I quickly spotted in my local store, the magazine is a great read and I would definitely recommend. Cosy socks are a must for cold weather and the cute frilly ones are a great steal compared to the Topshop ones. Plus the jumpers are just the softest thing. Now everyone loves H&M basics they are just so cheap and great for everyday wear.

Poppy xx


  1. Love the jumpers :D I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award x
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    I really love your blog and this post is awesome!

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  3. Love your blog and really nice post. Those doggy socks are so adoreable!! Me wanty +.+
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