Halloween Made Easy

When on YouTube or Instagram I always see Halloween posts based on make up, but a costume and/or accessories are just as important. These devil horns for example I purchased last year from Topshop, which I must admit is quite an expensive store to purchase a Halloween costume and/or accessories. Last year I also bought some cat ears that were made of wire and lace, the cat ears I have spotted in my local store in both black and red! Clothes are easily found for Halloween! There are many online stores as well as any in your local shops, but I do always find the best bits in charity shops (plus they are a whole lot cheaper if you're on a budget).

I was intending on making this post a make-up tutorial but decided not to as that is all I have done so far, plus it's the only type I have seen online. If you would like to do a devil type make up it is pretty simple. I just contoured with a red blush and did a red/grey/black smoky eye, along with red lipstick and voilĂ . 

Thanks for reading,
Poppy x


  1. I love the photos! I actually thought you added the horns using photoshop! haha how cool!