Mini Haul (From My Trip To Brighton)

Here are some of the bits I picked up whilst in Brighton! First off all the photo frames (Urban Outfitters), these were probably my best buy and I love them. I have been looking for some for a while but these are just right, plus they were all in the sale for either £3/£4. Then I got the necklaces from River Island and I just know these will go with my wardrobe so well, plus they were in the sale. After that is the badges, flower pens and bunny which were all from Tiger, none of which were over £5. The last thing are the earrings which were from Primark and cost £3. I didn't spend too much whilst in Brighton and I'm happy I restricted myself to these items. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Poppy x  


  1. I love those photo frames,their so cute! I've been on the lookout for some and there so cheap as well!
    Loved everything you bought.

    Georgina xx

    1. They were such a bargain I had to pick them up and thank you!

  2. I love the photos frames and the bunny, all so cute!

    Rebecca x