Birthday Haul

So if you didn't know it was my birthday on August 10th (Saturday) and besides work it is one of the many reasons I haven't put up blog posts as recently in the last few days, sorry. Anyway above is pretty much an overlook of my day. I had work in the morning and then went out for lunch with my parents and sister, we went to a local pub which has a lovely garden and a super nice menu which changes quite often so you can have something different. After this I went to see more family and then headed out with three friends and had a BBQ in the park, I also got to see fireworks later on as it was carnival day too! 

These are all my birthday gifts so I will work top to bottom. The first is an over-the-shoulder leather bag with different coins all over the front, I was given this by my Nan and I was also given some money towards my provisional driving license which I am very grateful for. Next down is (bits from my parents) two books, I have wanted The Teen Vogue Handbook for awhile now and I spotted the Photocrafty book in Urban Outfitters and thought it was a great DIY book for photographers, plus it's something I will actually give a go! After that I was given a whole bunch of Hello Kitty bits and bobs and to albums I have been dying for which are The Lumineers and Modern Vampires of the City, by Vampire Weekend.

When I had this little BBQ in the park my best friend gave me this awesome box full of goodies. Which included all of these sweets, a beautiful dreamcatcher (as I've wanted one for ages) and a beautiful necklace which is my birthstone! I love everything she gave me and I know they are all very thoughtful gifts. Last but not least my manager at my job gave me a £25 Topshop voucher which I thought was incredibly sweet of them. I love all of my presents and want to say a great thank you to everyone! 

Poppy x


  1. Happy belated birthday!


  2. The bag is beautiful!
    Hope the birthday was good:)