What I've Been Up To - March 2016


This is a little early I know but it's nice to sit down at the end of the month and see what has been going on.

4th March - My Proactiv+ Skin Kit was delivered, this is one of my most exciting sponsored posts yet, I couldn't wait for it to arrive and give it a go.

6th March - Mothers day. We popped to a local American Diner for lunch and had bought gig tickets for the following week.

12th March -  Lianne La Havas Concert. Absolutely incredible, I wasn't a massive fan before but now I am fully converted. 

22nd March - My hometown is Hastings, East Sussex in the UK. If you didn't know our pier was burnt down a few years a go. Because of my job I had the privileged of going onto the pier to see the last plank being nailed in, by Suggs from Madness. To me this was a pretty big deal, I love supporting anything in my local area and the weather was absolutely perfect, which just put the cherry on the cake,

25th March - I was meant to be working at my 2nd job over the weekend (bank holiday Easter) but I luckily ended up with the majority of it off. The Friday I spent the day have a pub lunch with my parents and then putting up my new bed, these are the little things that make it feel like spring!

What was your favourite moment in March?

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