What I've Been Up To - December 2015


Here is an overview of December 2015.

4th of December - I went to a work-do at the race horses (I didn't bid at all as I don't wish to support it). It was still great fun and the three course meal was rather yummy.

9th of December - I made mince pies. This was so much fun and I had never made any kind of pie before so it was lovely to try something different, especially when the outcome is so delicious.

23rd of December - My mum, nan and I went to our local theatre to watch a pantomime, this year it was Cinderella. The fairy godmother being Jessie Wallace aka Kat Slater from Eastenders. We have started seeing the panto every year now which is a really nice way to get into the Christmas spirit.

25th December - Christmas Day!
Christmas day was so lovely this year. It's all about the food, the movies and just sitting around in pyjamas. We kind of have a routine now, so we get up have breakfast together (I had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup), open presents, tidy up, relax, make dinner, eat dinner, relax, then a small buffet in the evening. It's so nice to just spend the day together and not having to worry about anything.

I hope you have enjoyed my overview, there isn't too much going on but I did managed to have a lot of lazy days with my family.

Thank you for reading,

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