Invisibobble Review


Today I want to write a review on this cool little hair accessory I came across! This is called an in invisibobble. When searching through the boxing day sales online I found this on the Urban Outfitters website down to £2. After some research I thought it was worth trying and my innovative was so right. 

The description says "This revolutionary hair band will have you saying goodbye to ponytail-induced kinks forever with its traceless design".

I definitely agree with the description and I think the design is suer cute too! I don't wear it around my wrist too much as it is quite chunky but it's easy to find in your bag as it doesn't feel like anything else. It also shrinks right back down to it's original size, so no stretching!

Next time I will proberly purchase them in clear, but this red colour looks nice against my hair and it's a lovely colour for this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed this short review,
Pops xx