So it seems I have been a little absent lately, sorry about that! There could be a thousand excuses I could make up but what's the point, I'll give you some updates then I will try my best to get into a routine again! 

Where do I begin? The most exciting thing would have to be my car! Yes I have completed one of my New Years resolutions and bought myself a car, how cool. 

Talking of New Years resolutions I have also pulled myself together and joined the gym which I am thoroughly enjoying. 

Not much else has gone on from my last upload to now. Something which I have been doig very frequently is buying and selling on depop, it's so addictive! 

I've been requested to do a few more beginners make up looks, plus if like to do some tutorial of my own. Plus some reviews which I want to share with you all! Anyway, I will get on it and start posting as often as I can, thanks for sticking by! 

Poppy xx