Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Pink Gold Review


To begin with I'm sorry about how dirty the pot is haha! Anyway other than that I am so very in love with this product. It's a really creamy eyeshadow that I use alone or as a base. It's a really pale pink with a slight sheen, it's really girl and delicate which is why I love it so much. The formula doesn't crease one bit and stays all day! I use this completely alone some days or I also use eyeliner, it just goes well with so much. Not only that but the packaging is very cute yet convenient. It's sturdy with a glass base so you can see the product, however it has a screw n lid too so no spillage or mess. I cannot rave about this product enough and I really want to get more colours. This is in Pink Gold and is subtle enough for everyday and probably even school.

Poppy x


  1. This review was really helpful, thank you! I've been wanting to try a colour tattoo for ages, but I didn't know whether to or not! I definitely will now, thank you so much :-) xx

    1. I will always recommend these they are so handy and easy to apply, go for it!xx

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  3. Pretty colour

  4. That has such nice pigmentation! Love it ! <3 mishmsxo