Real Techniques Eye Brushes

I have known of a website called iherb for a while now, a number of bloggers and youtubers, oh and people on instagram recommend going on there to buy Real Techniques brushes. The brushes come to around half price of what you would pay in the UK, this is so worth doing especially if you want to buy more that one thing. Here you can see that I have got the Your Eyes/ Enhances Starter Kit and the Shading Brush (I did get more but they are for a Christmas present and I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone). Not only is this a great deal but the Real Techniques brushes are just amazing. I don't need to go on, unless you are new to the blogger/beauty world and don't know how much these are raved about. They are raved about for a reason and not because they are some quick hype that will quickly be replaced. Especially for drugstore buyers who need a good brush set!

Thanks for reading,
Pops xx

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