OOTD feat. Colour

Today I am going to do something a bit different. Here is something bright and colourful, not the usual, normally I'm in black or white, so time to step out of your comfort zone. Here Emilie is wearing a pink floor length dress from Topshop, it was down to £10 in my local store but unfortunately I cannot find it online any more. It was a bit chilly out so we covered this dress with a jumper from H&M (which was £14.99). This has been paired with a black pair of JuJu Black Heeled Sanadals which are £25. The flower crown is from Roses & Clementines and the butterfly necklace was from Accessorize a long time ago.  All together I like this outfit and how everything has come together. If you are interested in my photographs you can take a look over on my Flickr page. 

Thank you
Poppy xx 


  1. love the look, the colors afre amazing and adore the photo's
    xxx ish