MUA Nail Varnish

MUA nailvarnish has been greatly hyped up over the internet (especially instagram) mainly for the fact it is £1. I have heard some great things about it so I though I would review it for myself. 

The bottles are designed similar to the 'Essie' ones and the fact they are glass makes the packaging look quite nice and snazzy.  Essie however retails there nail varnishes at £7.99 instead of the MUA price of £1. 
Here I have the colours 'Fever Red' and 'Koala Bear' both are dupes for some of Essie's range. Both of which look lovely in the bottle. 
To get this result I applied 'Fever Red' two times and it has come out in a great result, where as I had to apply 'Koala Bear' with four coats just so it wasn't sheer! I wore them for two days and all ready started chipping so it wasn't the greatest result, they came off easily with nail polish remover however that was expected. I still think for £1 it was a bargain and there are a whole range of other colours in store! I think these would be great for a weekend away and will definitely be trying a few more colours. 

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