Festival Essentials (bag size)

So as I didn't camp at the 'Gentlemen Of The Road' tour I thought I would do more of a handbag/backpack essentials! Obviously a camera of some sort, here I have a disposable as they make everything look that more unique and also my DSLR (I only have the lens cap here as I took the image with it), which is a Canon 1100D. However before you go to a festival check the restrictions as some cameras and equipment is not allowed into the specific tours/festivals. So then you need to protect yourself from the sun, so I have my lip balm and sunglasses - I also had sunscreen but I can't find it anywhere! The sunscreen I use is Malibu Spray, it's lovely and smells amazing. I found my sunglasses in Urban Outfitters whilst in Brighton and fell in love with them, I think the pop of colour is lovely and very 'in' with the bright neon colours that are coming into fashion. Oh and of course a phone, for quick images/videos and to get in contact with anyone if necessary.


  1. Oh my goodness, those sunglasses are gorgeous! Such a lovely blog too

    Hollie xx