Engagement Party Update


Last Saturday (19th March) we had our Engagement party. Let me just say, it was a lot of fun!

We had to be at the venue at 6 to prep but it took 30 minutes at most. We didn't stick to the funfetti theme as the venue had a great feel and atmosphere so we didn't really feel we needed it.

I didn't get many photographs, well 5 I think. It wasn't on my mind and I was having such a lovely time socialising but I will insert a few we have.

My dad made a cake which was vanilla sponge, cream cheese frosting and fruit. Highly complemented throughout the night, not only did it look gorgeous but it tasted fab!

After the party we rolled on the shots and headed to the local bar. All in all we had a great night!

I thought I'd end this post on a soppy note from my fiancĂ© 

 Thank you again to everyone who came, I hope you had such a lovely time as we did!

Thanks for reading,


  1. The status Rob wrote is actually adorable and so kind :3 Congratulations by the way, glad you're so happy xxx

    1. Haha he's a soppy one! Thank you so much!xx

  2. i have that camera its awesome
    lovely post

    1. It's great fun isn't it! Thank you :) x