Phone Lenses feat. Fisheye

Hi guys!

Today I'm going to be telling you about my very cool phone lens. I got these (I actually have two this fisheye and a macro but I've only used the fisheye so far) from my boyfriend as a Christmas present and lets say he did good! I don't know what brand they are in particular but these look exactly the same.

The lens kit comes with a clip which you then screw the lenses into. I don't think these particular clip on lenses are made for any phone any particular as long as they aren't too thick.

The lenses have good photo quality which also depends which camera you use it from, here I am using an iPhone 5s. They are super duper easy to use. After you screw the lens into the clip you can then clip it onto your device,making sure your device lens is in the centre. Then you can get shooting!

The photos here look a little grainy but I don't mind as I think it helps add to the authenticity. The lenses also come with a little bag so you can carry them with you which is great!

I would honestly recommend them for yourself or a present, such great little lenses!

Thanks for reading, 

Pops xx

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